<Passage To Her Star>
<0. The Fool’s Invitation>

In the beginning,
Yesum and them shared the same body.

In the beginning of summer 
with the drips of rain in Eindhoven,
they flowed out.
And they drew their land,
outside of the body they shared with Yesum.

In the midst of summer with
plentiful sunshine in Porto,
some of them made a pact to move out,
taking on colors, and expanding in volume.

Towards the end of summer with the fresh breeze in Porto,
some others opened up their body to be shared and enjoyed.

And, welcome to their house warming night.
The body to be shared and enjoyed.
Now their bodies became each as an island,
and they invite us to share the moment together.


<Installation in INSTITUTO, PT>

<House Drawings>
Oil pastel, Acrylic
29.7 x 42 (cm)

<The Body>
various size