Yesum Yoon is a Korean artist and sculptor based in Amsterdam (NL).

The refusal of distinction is crucial to Yoon’s works as they are attempts to relate to others. Thus, refusing the clear-cut, the outlining, or what creates separations is not an innocent move: it is a proposal. Her sculptures are constructed around the absence of distinct delineations, the coincidental, and the curvy-blurry, both in their material and visual manifestations. If her colorful pieces are endowed with faces, it is that they are relational entities through/with which she strives at being in the company of others. As such, the work of Yoon acts as a contact zone, something that she birthed but that is no longer fully (part of) her as it becomes shared with everyone: a sensible buffer between herself and ‘the other’ she awaits. Through her refusal of representative norms, she strives to connect with the audience in a genuine and unpretentious way. It is a body of work that builds from some kinds of loneliness and from the desire to be with and in the midst of others; a vulnerable yet playful form of out-reaching, inviting-to-be-with, and being open to others in an organic flux. In this sense, the material and visual inseparability she establishes becomes the relational conditions she seeks and proposes.

︎︎︎ @yesumyesum

Awards & Artist in Residence

2022  Artist in Residence, Reon, Corfu, GR︎︎︎
2021  Artist in Residence, INSTITUTO, Porto, PT︎︎︎
2020  Shortlist, Ein&Zwanzig, German Design Council ︎︎︎

Solo & Duo Exhibition

2023  <0.The Fool’s Invitation>, Salon Veneman, Eindhoven, NL
2020  <The Necessary Ornaments and The Displayed Tools>, Gallery the necessaries, Seoul, KR
2016  <Not for your sex, just for my sake>, Deo Cut, Seoul, KR

Group Exhibition

2023  <Lady Dior As Seen By> Dior Seongsu, Seoul, KR︎︎︎
2023  <Genious Freaks> Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, FR
2022  <GS22> Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL︎︎︎
2022  <Transcrossing Identities> Kazerne, Eindhoven, NL︎︎︎
2021  <Zero Hunger> Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, NL
2021  <Feel the vibe> Eindhoven Airport Vitrine, Eindhoven, NL︎︎︎
2019  <We are about to.>, HOMA, Seoul, KR
2019  <Future Mimic>, HOMA, Seoul, KR
2018  <Gi-zil>, La Mer Gallery, Seoul, KR
2016 <HIAX>, HOMA, Seoul, KR


Christian Dior

Megazine & Interview

2021  Sleepers Summit
2020  LEDEBUT vol.47


2022  MA, Social Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, NL
2020  BFA, Metal Art & Design, Hongik University, Seoul, KR
2020  BFA, Wood Working & Furniture Design, Hongik University, Seoul, KR
2018  Freestand, Craft and Design with Specialisation in Wood, HDK-Valand, Dals Langed, SE
2018  Freestand, Craft and Design with Specialisation in Metal, HDK-Valand, Dals Langed, SE