The title of this installation comes from the tarot card The Fool (joker, jester). This card is numbered 0, the number of unlimited potential and new beginnings. A time for juggling around newborn ideas without judgment. In zero there’s total openness and freedom to become something.

‘The Fool’s Invitation’ is a continuation of Yoons’ graduation work ‘Don’t Leave Me Hanging’ from 2022. By inviting guests into her symbolic wonderland that she designed in a dream, she encourages visitors to be the fool: to enjoy, just be and begin.

Yoon uses ceramics as her main material, but also broadens her material range with wood, crystals and textiles. Her latest pieces ‘Strawberry Cake of Fortune’, ‘Moon Tower’ and ‘Sun Creatures’ were inspired by figures on tarot cards. These sculptures will guide guests into the world of mystique; a place with endless possibilities to find your own path.


Salon Veneman, Eindhoven, NL
Photo by Anwn Howarth

Poster design by Marie Kang