<Passage To Her Star>
<0. The Fool’s Invitation>

Clip from <A Portal>

All things come to the end,
but what comes at the end?
if someone dies,
is all our memories and feelings have to be end?

all is frozen
with the death
doesn’t go anywhere
no moves, no changes
being still

what comes then?

when we don’t take time to move
— what’s left will still be here,
will remain
get dried and will last,
last longer than expected

without the understanding of transformation
the time of the grief will continue to cling and linger

how can we defrost and bring the spring
to the relationship between the dead and the living?

finding the way to take the time
to move the time,
trace the linear of invisible, entangled meanings and relationship
and bring to the present


<A Portal>
Stainless Steel, Inscense stick
Performative Act 

photo by Yesum Yoon

<Coffins of Buds>
Ceramic, Fruit Leather, Aquafava
Various Size

photo by Yesum Yoon